Prager – Sally, Johanna, Ilse and Ernst

Location: Hans-Heinrich Ehrler-Platz 28 – Bad Mergentheim

Sally Prager in his uniform (World War I)

Born in Wenings near Aschaffenburg in 1893, Sally Prager was one of around 18,000 soldiers of the Jewish faith who were awarded the Iron Cross in recognition of their bravery in the First World War. As a result of his marriage to Johanna (née Sichel), born in Mergentheim in 1897, he took over Johanna’s father’s earthenware and porcelain shop at Oberer Markt 28, which was renamed accordingly.

In connection with the increasing anti-Semitic discrimination against the children at school, the Iron Cross was used once again. Sally put it on to complain to the Catholic elementary school – obviously only with short-lived success, as the children attended the Jewish school in Holzapfelgasse from 1935 onwards.

The couple had two children: daughter Ilse (born in 1924) and son Ernst (born in 1926).

Johanna Prager with her children Ilse and Ernst on a walk.

In fact, attendance at Jewish schools was not compulsory until 1938. Until then, the children of Jewish front-line soldiers from the First World War were generally allowed to attend all public schools.
The family emigrated to America in time in 1940.

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