Hartheimer – Schmei, Sofie and Rosa

Location: Goldbachstraße 1 – Igersheim

Schmei Hartheimer, also Schmay Hartheimer, was born in Igersheim on September 16, 1877. He was a cattle dealer and married Sofie Gutmann, born in Braunsbach on October 14, 1883. The couple had at least three children: Arthur, Julius and Rosa (born 1921).

On March 27, 1933, he and his sons were driven to the Tauber Bridge by SA and members of the NSDAP and beaten up there. In 1941, the Hartheimer family was one of the last two Jewish families still living in Igersheim. In November 1941, the family was informed of their “evacuation” to the East by a letter sent by the Jewish religious community in Stuttgart, forced by the Nazis.

The deportation took place shortly thereafter, on December 1, 1941. They had to pay for the trip, and valuables had to be handed in beforehand. Their possessions left behind were auctioned off or given away. The local police took the family to the train station and on to Stuttgart. From there, the Hartheimers were deported to the Jungfernhof camp. Rosa had to do forced labor there at the Riga train station. All three did not survive the Shoah.
At least one son of the Hartheimers survived, and a granddaughter submitted the memorial sheet for her grandfather.[1]

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