Georges – Patrizka

Unfortunately, there is no stumbling stone for
Patrizka Georges

Patrizke Georges (born on June 26, 1925) lived in the St. Josefspflege in Mulfingen since 1934.

To what extent the racial ideology of National Socialism had an influence on her life until the end of 1940 is unknown, but Patrizke must be considered a victim of the Nazi regime from the age of 16 at the latest. Before she was released from the home and took up a job in the Braun family household in Markelsheim, she was forcibly sterilized [1].

Patrizke Georges worked for the Braun family from 1941 to 1944 and was well integrated into her employers’ family. On May 8, 1944, her life came to an abrupt end when an auxiliary gendarme picked her up in Markelsheim to transfer her to Mulfingen. From there she was deported together with her three siblings to Auschwitz, where she was murdered.
Of her siblings, only her sister Rosa survived.

Since we currently do not know the place of residence in Markelsheim, the position is on the map in front of the village administration.

This was presumably done at the instigation of the state youth physician Dr. Max Eyrich, who was charged and acquitted in 1949 in the Grafeneck trial for participation in the murder of 10,654 “mentally ill” in the course of Aktion T4. Starting in 1950, Eyrich was able to resume his work as a state youth physician in 1950.

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