Lilienstrauß – Rosa

Location: Alte Frankenstraße 30 – Edelfingen

Little is known today about the life of Rosa Lilienstrauß, who was born on February 10, 1893 in Homburg am Main. Together with her older sister Paula and two younger siblings, she grew up in Homburg, whose population structure was similar to that of Edelfingen, i.e. just under 10% Jews lived there too.

It is not known when Rosa moved to Edelfingen. But the reason can be guessed. Rosa Lilienstrauß lived in Edelfingen in the same household as Jette David. And both Jette David and Rosa’s mother Salomone came from Korb and both of their maiden names were Ehrenberg. This and the fact that the birth years of Jette (1861) and Salomone (1867) are also close together suggests that Jette David was Rosa’s aunt and that the unmarried Rosa moved in with her to support her and/or keep her company.

Presumably around November 22, 1941, Rosa Lilienstrauß received the deportation order by registered mail at the same time as 9 other Edelfingen Jews, with a transport number. On November 28, Rosa and the others were escorted by police officers across the Tauber Bridge to the train station. This happened in broad daylight and in full view of their fellow citizens.

From November 27, over 1,000 Jews destined for deportation to Riga arrived at the Killesberg station in Stuttgart, including Rosa’s sister Paula Schloss, who was married in Niederstetten, and Rosa’s brother-in-law Samuel.

Whether the two sisters met on the Killesberg, whether they suffered this terrible final journey, which began on December 1, 1941 in Stuttgart and ended three days later in Riga, side by side or whether they were still able to stand by each other in Riga – we do not know. What we do know is that the lives of the two sisters ended in the same place.

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