Rosenheimer – Gertrud and Max

Location: Bad Mergentheimer Straße 11, Igersheim

Gertrud Rosenheimer, née Strauss, was born in Bad Mergentheim on October 29, 1912, the daughter of Jakob Strauss (1873-1937) and Ida, née Weissmann (1880-1921). She had three older siblings, Fanny (born March 15, 1906), Moritz (born 1907, died 1908) and Fritz (born 1910).
She married Max Rosenheimer around 1938.
Max Rosenheimer was born on September 30, 1907, in Archshofen, now a district of Creglingen.
In 1941, the Rosenheimer family was one of the last two Jewish families still living in Igersheim. In November 1941, they were informed of their “evacuation” to the East by a letter sent by the Jewish religious community in Stuttgart, enforced by the Nazis. The deportation took place shortly thereafter, on December 1, 1941. They had to pay for the trip, and valuables had to be handed in beforehand. Their possessions left behind were auctioned off or given away. The local police took the couple to the train station and transferred them to Stuttgart.
Gertrud Rosenheimer and her husband were deported from Stuttgart to the Jungfernhof camp in Latvia on December 1, 1941, where they were murdered by the Nazi regime.
Her Bible was preserved, she gave it to her neighbors shortly before the deportation, it is in the Jewish Museum Creglingen.
Her sister, married Fanny Steinberg, and their three sons, then two, twelve, and fourteen years old, were murdered in Kaunas’ Fort IX in 1941. Her stepmother, Selma Strauss, née Berg, was murdered in Riga in 1941.