The Society

“A person is not forgotten until his name is forgotten.”

Based on this thought from the Talmud, we, the association “Stolpersteine Bad Mergentheim e.V.”, try to save people who once lived among us and were victims of National Socialist crimes from oblivion by laying Stolpersteine in Bad Mergentheim and its suburbs.

Our association was founded in 2018 and emerged from a seminar course project of the Kaufmännische Schule Bad Mergentheim. We research victim biographies and possible locations for laying the Stolpersteine and – where still possible – are in contact with relatives of victims.

Our association is the contact for those who would like to have a Stolperstein laid in Bad Mergentheim.

We laid the first five Stolpersteine in 2019, followed by another 23 Stolpersteine at six laying locations in 2021. Step by step, we want to remember all of Mergentheim’s victims.

What are Stolpersteine

Stolpersteine are signs of remembrance. They remind us of the fate of people who were murdered, deported, expelled or driven to suicide under National Socialism. Even though the majority of Stolpersteine commemorate Jewish victims, numerous stones also refer to the suffering of Sinti and Roma, homosexuals, the politically persecuted and the disabled.

The stones are usually laid in front of the last freewilled homes or places of activity of the victims and give us pause. Those who stop and bow their heads not only read the names, birth, deportation and death dates of a woman, man or child, they also bow symbolically to the victims themselves.

The intention of the artist Gunter Demnig is, among other things, to give back the names of people who have been degraded to numbers. The number of victims cannot be grasped by the mind, through the Stolpersteine a concrete person and his individual fate is remembered.


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